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22 Jul 2014

New Website on the Horizon

So where are all our latest posts? Well, the simple answer is we have a new website about to launch and we are putting all our efforts into getting that lined up ready to launch. Stay tuned - it will be going live any time day now (famous last words...!)

11 Jul 2014

The Research & Craft of Travel Photography

An interview with Philip Lee Harvey: Click the image to read the interview. Everything you want to know about travel photography but are afraid to ask!


09 Jul 2014

Golden Tickets Promotions #3

Keep your eyes peeled for the Golden Envelope. One lucky person will win a £200 travel in amongst the Joseph Ford imagery. Good luck!



27 Jun 2014


"If only for a second" was originally released in 2013. The campaign commissioned by Leo Burnett Paris and photographed by Vincent Dixon captures a rare moment of "carefreeness" in the lives of cancer patients.

It won big at Cannes 2014. 9 Lions in total. 1 GOLD for Promo & Activation. 8 SILVER Lions for Health, Cyber, Film, Integrated, Branded Content & Poster. Congratulations to everybody involved in creating such an emmotive and engaging campaign.  

(If Only for One Second: Now nearly 16 million you tube views - yep - 16 million!)




26 Jun 2014

Check out Kelvin Murray's NEW Website

Take a look!Go on - you know you want to.


20 Jun 2014

Hope, Pray, Despair - Now Eat KFC

So I was walking along the high street feeling moderately depressed. A man needs to see his nation win the World Cup at least once in his lifetime. Then I saw this ad for the KFC  Carnival Box Meal shot by Tara Fisher and all of a sudden I knew the Carnival Box Meal was the answer to my mealancholy. Thanks for making it look so good Tara and pulling me back to reality - t'was delicious!


19 Jun 2014

Hope, Pray, Despair...

Whereever you watch tonight, Paddy McGunness, Ian Wright & Jeff Stelling will be watching and sharing these emotions with you. Photographed by Philip Haynes for  Carlsberg, commissioned by the Marketing Store. Come On England! Give us hope for the future. Take away the need for prayer. Make despair a thing of the past...


18 Jun 2014

Fluenz Tetra Campaign by Parker & Biley

Commissioned by Nitrogen London, check out these multi layered images created by Parker & Biley integrating photography on location, in studio and the design and creation of CG robots.


17 Jun 2014

Mass Bolero - DOP Andy Taylor Smith.

Mass Bolero is a tribute to Torvill and Dean on the 30 year anniversary of their win at the Sarajevo Olympics. It started off as a small community project but then exploded with viral status online and national TV coverage. DOP'd by Andy Taylor Smith. You will be pleased you watched this...

16 Jun 2014

HSBC Premier Campaign by David Ryle

Saatchi & Saatchi, London commissioned David Ryle to shoot for HSBC Premier. Beautiful landscape photography was over laid with pie charts & graphs representing your positive economic trajectory. This part of the campaign was photographed last December in Argentina, Uruguay & Chile.  Other parts of the campaign were photographed in France & the U.A.E. - soon to be released. CD: Mark Norcutt. AB: Kate Mahon. Production: Brite Productions.