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16 Apr 2014

A World of Limitless Possibilities

Parker & Biley enter a world of limitless possibilities blurring the boudaries of Photography & CGI.


14 Apr 2014

Pepe Jeans by Joseph Ford

Combining superb detail photography of Pepe Jeans apparel along with his ability to shoot from the air - this campaign by Joseph Ford works on so many levels - we love it!


20 Mar 2014

Portraits by Kelvin Murray

Don't you just hate it when you have a cold. Your nose feels all blocked and tiny and you just can not breathe through it. Yep - you feel like these guys look. Commissioned by JWT, London.


18 Mar 2014

Eyewear - Photographed by Joseph Ford

Joseph Ford shoots for Eyewear Magazine featuring glasses by Rolf, Hoffman, D&G and Cazal.

04 Mar 2014

Ghost Series 2 - No Ordinary Power

Trigger was commissioned to shoot the Ghost Series 2 by Partners Andrews Aldridge. Shot on location throughout Spain and produced by Mark Ferris Productions the time stack concept originated by Clive Parsley evolved into these stunning images. Of the 20 shot campaign all seamlessly retouched by Jon Smith @ Circle Media, 5 stings were animated by Si Cox which can be viewed at

28 Feb 2014

Golden Ticket Winner

Congrats Rachel Clarke @ BBH London the lucky winner of the Golden Ticket 02 which is a £200 travel voucher. Only 180 Golden Envelopes were sent out featuring Philip Haynes & Parker & Biley's imagery. Good luck for Golden Ticket 003 which is scheduled to be sent out in May 2014.


27 Feb 2014

Porsche Macan Campaign by Circle Media

I could not decide which was my favourite image of the Porsche Macan campaign so I created a new portfolio showing them all off. Now remember, all the cars have been created in CG and then skillfully retouched into the backplates by Circle Media. Check out the rest of the Macan campaign commissioned by Kemper Kommunikation by clicking the image below.


26 Feb 2014

Colour / Mood work by Philip Haynes

We like photographers who photograph and none more so than Philip Haynes. Sports and portraits are his thing and the shots below indirectly compliment his niche. The first images are of a rainbow themed football pitch. The swimmimg shots are an example of Phil really pushing a mood. The gravelly image at the bottom are simply shadows cast over his local BMX track photographed on a lazy morning. Striking in their simplicity.




21 Feb 2014

Kelvin Murray - Integrating Motion And Print

This personal piece directed and shot by Kelvin is a superb example showing what can be achieved within a day in terms of combining motion with print. If you excuse the pun, all the ingredients were there: a lovely little story, an authentic location, great casting and great performances.  The piece is beautifully lit and Kelvin's cast, team of stylists, D.O.Ps and editors  all got on famously, they all had a great day and if you click the image below you can view the film.  


20 Feb 2014

The Golden Fleece by Philip Haynes

Check out this personal project by Philip Haynes. Learn more about the construct of these images by visiting Phil's website: